Adventure to a beautiful country of surf, babes and curry

Adventure to a beautiful country of surf, babes and curry

Welcome Luke and Karine, is what the little hand written board said, held by our new mate, a friendly and knowledgeable guide, Banuka. Nice to meet you, he said with a grin on his face. Being extremely exhaust from the 25hrs it took to get from Auckland to Colombo, we were eager to get on the road and to our accommodation.

Banuka declared it would be 3 hours drive to the lodge, but not to worry we will stop for dinner on the way. Straight away you can sense the  mad rush that ingulves the city, as we fight through traffic, narrowly missing tuk tuks, motorbikes, stray dogs and on coming busses. It's only been 10mins and you feel a long way from the comfort of your own bed, and its EXCITING!!

We arrived at Nice Place Bungalow, and the treehouse we were staying in blew our expectations!! It was truly beautiful and extremely peaceful.

Treehouse accomodation 

Lions Rock aka Sigiriya, the 8th wonder of the world, and for good reason!! The hot crowded climb to the top was worth it for the far stretching 360 view.The construction of the palace on top is mind blowing to think of the effort that must of gone into completing such a feat.

Making friends in Sri Lanka  The Ancient City   

The temples were another breath-taking experience, like nothing I had ever seen before. courtesy of Banuka's wealth of knowledge we learnt a lot about Buddhism and the history of the temples as he took us around. It was great to have someone to ask all our burning questions to.

With time being precious we embarked on visiting a local farmer, where we his beautiful wife cooked us some delicious local produce. She taught Karine how to weave the coconut leaves and a few other womanly jobs. The farmer showed us where he sleeps at nights to keep safe from elephants and some of his crops. This is the things we love, spending time with real locals and getting to know their way of life.


Day two we headed to Hikkaduwa, a 6 hour drive of madness. On the way, we stopped at an elephant orphanage, the elephants wander through the streets of the village to the local river where they bathe and have a play. We reached the coast, long white beaches and crystal blue water, this made me smile! We stopped at a turtle hatchery, where they help to raise baby sea turtles before letting them out to sea, and nurse sick turtles. The baby turtles were FREAKEN cute little buggers!! 

First things first when we arrived in Hikkaduwa…surfing of course! Hiring a good quality short board was easy, and the waves did not disappoint, 3-4 foot clean A-frames were breaking right outside our room with little to no wind. Best thing, about 10 people in the water! Did I mention the Sunset sets, some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, rich in all colours of the rainbow.

Sri Lankan Elephants Baby Sea Turtle Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Surf Rasberydays Surfing       

An early start at 5.10, on our way to ………… to go whale watching. This was quite a touristy experience, not really our ideal activity. But the pod of dolphins that would have been more that 100 dolphins and the whales with their tales up still made for a great experience.  

After checking out the fort in Galle and the markets it was back to our accommodation in Hikkaduwa…for nothing other than surfing. With the best waves, we had seen all day right outside our hotel. The swell had dropped, but the reef 50m down the beach was still pumping.  

Curry for dinner tonight, along with some shesha at a local restaurant. Perfect, relaxed way to finish this day! 

Dolphins by Rasberydays Sri Lanka     

We Spent the next two days just surfing and snorkeling the crystal clear waters of the west coast. Eating beautiful food and finding relaxation in around every turn. We spent 2 hours snorkeling with 4 sea turtles and an abundant of fish and sea life, it has got to be one of my all time favorite experiences of my life. I spent one night out getting on the good sauce, and dam was it fun, with some great bars right on the beach!! I last day was spent relaxing before the 3 hour drive back north to Colombo to fly out. 

At the end, we absolutely loved our experience in Sri Lanka and will definitely be heading back! 


We would like to thank Condred Holidays for their great service and making our holiday extremely enjoyable and stress free!!

A couple of things to check out in Hikkaduwa is an awesome surf shop and clothing store saltyswamis, which is full of beautiful boards, cool clothes and a local chiller called Krish! Krish also runs the East Coast Surf Club and School, so if you heading over to the east coast for the surf season. 


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