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10. Pepperoni fried with yellow pepper and green beans on teriyaki chicken two minute noodles 7/10 9. Pepperoni drowned in a butter mushroom sauce with red pepper and green beans and a side of Maggi fusion noodles 7.5/10 8. Lamb sausages drowned in Wattie’s canned mac n cheese with stir fried veges 7.5/10 7. Chicken and mushroom pasta with veges 8/10 6. Classic kiwi fish n chips 8.5/10 (If you are here in Oyster season, you've got to try some Oysters) 5. Entrée of crab, followed by chicken burgers with pepper mushroom sauce 8.5/10 4. Slow cooked salmon with Uncle Ben’s rice and fresh veges 8.5/10...

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