Escape down the road by Sammy G

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Escape down the road by Sammy G

It is crazy how fast you can adapt to a new way of living. Only after a week of living out of my car, I am already used to showering naked on the beach, getting changed in public, seeing every sunset and every sunrise, waking up to Kookaburras laughing and cooking on sand dunes under a starlit sky. Once you enter this mind set, this way of living, the ‘real world’ seems further and further away.

We are on the New South Wales North Coast. As I write this, I am snuggled up in my blue Mandela rug, drinking red wine on impossibly-white sand. The only sound is the crashing waves onto the shore break, waves that we were surfing only hours ago. Crimson, violet and gold are splashed across the sky, a hypnotising canvas. Here, nothing is everything and everything is nothing. It is not all romance. Last night I slept on a backpack,  yesterday I showered out of a bucket, this morning I think I saw a shark and tomorrow I will probably need to wash the piled up dishes in my boot when we finally find fresh water but it is all worth it. Every single bit.

This place has stolen a piece of me. The waves have been pumping every day. We have surfed fun, glassy two-footers in the clearest water I have ever entered, watched dolphins jump in a 6-foot swell, trekked through jungle to a secluded nudist beach, lay under the bright lights of the Milky Way and shared dinner with a Kookaburra. How is this only up the road from the bustling streets of Sydney?

I encourage you to take your car this weekend, go 10 minutes down the road or 10 hours down the country and enter this mind set, try this way of living. Winter is no excuse; take a beanie, a hoodie and leggings, wrap up warm and listen to music somewhere isolated. To take a holiday, you do not need a lot of money nor fancy accommodation. The real adventure, the real escape, can be right down the road.

Written by: Samantha Gibson from All Days Wild, read more of her epic journeys and adventure on and her Instagram 

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  • Jill Kurta

    I love this Sammy, looks like absolute bliss, be free and happy always x

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